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Development of management and monitoring systems

Get up-to-date information and plan your business effectively.

Development of management and monitoring systems

Get up-to-date information and plan your business effectively.

Manage all workflows

Build a customer flow

Consolidate the flow of customers from all sales channels, interaction with customers using the content management module, newsletters, bonus system and online sales system

Monitor the work of employees

Control the employee's time and resources on orders, tasks and projects, distribute the rights and roles of your employees and external performers

Monitor the condition of the equipment

Amortize the cost of equipment operation, as well as control the timing of maintenance and replacement of nodes and system resources

Manage your fleet

Follow the transport on the map, control orders, manage remote access to the car

Connect integrations

Integrate with third-party bonus and payment systems, integrate third-party authorization and data acquisition methods

from $8990
Development cost

from 2 month
Time of creation

As well as other modules

Dispatching point

Orders and statuses

Track the quantity and status of all orders in real time


Keep an eye on pre-orders as well as orders that are not according to plan and require attention

Map of orders and employees

Follow the employees on the map, communicate with them online

Transport management

Monitor the transport and its condition, manage it remotely

Creating an order

Create an order by calling for taxi services, refueling, washing, delivery, etc.

CRM, mailing list, user selections and content


Full management of the client base, accounting of orders, finances, compliance with the rules, sessions, notifications, and communication of the client with the workers, as well as management of its settings

User selections

Group customers as you see fit with a unique token system


Create unique offers and communicate them to your customers using a content management system on your media platforms, TV, applications, websites, mailing lists.


Create personalized push notifications, mail, SMS and voice autoinformers


Creation of advertising and informational posts, banners, popups and stories

Workers and employees

Employees and contractors

Full maintenance of the database of employees and external performers accounting for their orders, finances, documents, groups, as well as management of their settings.

Motivation and penalties

Managing tariffs, services, fines, bonuses and referrals, sessions, shifts, notifications, messages with clients and other employees, access to transport and equipment.

Access levels

Managing roles and access rights to system nodes

Transport management

Assign or lease employees transport and monitor its condition

Points of sale


Point of sale management and monitoring

Terminals and equipment

Adding terminals, services, equipment management, employees

Payment methods and transactions

Managing payment methods, viewing orders and transactions


Creating integration, settings and coupons


Adding information about points, as well as the availability of goods and services at the point for various payment methods


Creation of promotions, bonus and referral programs

Transport and equipment

Fleet Management

Full maintenance of the fleet database and their tracking, accounting of orders, finances, documents, groups, as well as management of their settings.

Tariffs and services for transport

Remote setting of tariffs for services, payment methods and other key criteria


Tracking the quantity and status of all orders in real time within the equipment and transport

Available online

Quick access to the system and real-time operation


Intuitive interface and adaptability to any device


Service providers

Managing partners and their tariffs

Billing and Finance

Creating and linking tariffs to zones, devices and services, as well as billing management

Geo and maps

Creation of geofences, events, geocoders and addresses.

Languages and locales

Setting up languages and their translations

API and Integrations

Managing API keys, documents, integrations, and certificates

Notifications and Templates

Changing the providers of notification channels SMS, calls, push, email, alerts, adding events, processing rules and message templates

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