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Smart solutions for gas stations

We are implementing technologies that simplify and automate all the processes of refueling.

Smart solutions for gas stations

We are implementing technologies that simplify and automate all the processes of refueling.

With the growth of automobile traffic, manual control at the gas station can no longer provide the required speed of transport operations. This leads to queues of cars, delays of visitors at the checkout, additional staff costs and other problems and costs. And as a result, it leads to a loss of business competitiveness.

To prevent such situations, we have developed solutions that will help you easily carry out the digital transformation of your business and eliminate the problems that have arisen.


drivers are unhappy with the loss of time


on average, it takes refueling a car


losses on unnecessary transactions

We make queues shorter and life longer

Choosing and paying for fuel without leaving the car
Fast payment using
QR code
Self-service point of sale

Gas station automation will allow you to get:

Minimizing queues
Reduced personnel costs
Service quality growth
Increase in sales volume
Increasing customer loyalty
Staff and customer safety.
Monitoring the work of employees
Monitoring of gas station activity

OGGO's innovative solutions allow you to effectively manage gas stations of any scale

Mobile application

Gas station map

All gas stations of the network on the map, with the possibility of filtering by fuel type, cost and services

Loyalty Program

Save the customer from having to carry a loyalty card with him, with the mobile application the card will always be with him

Contactless payment

Payment via a mobile app with linked cards, Apple Pay or Google Play

Constant communication with customers

News and posts in the format of stories and pop-ups, push notifications in the application will allow you to always be in touch with customers

from $7990
Development cost

from 2 month
Time of creation

Web Application

Instant access

Save time on registering and downloading

a mobile app

Contactless payment

Payment of the order via the QR code placed on the column

Loyalty Program

Registration of physical bonus cards and the ability to issue a virtual card directly in the application

from $4990
Development cost

from 2 month
Time of creation

Self-service terminal

Contactless payment

The terminal works with bank cards, Visa, Mastercard, Mir, JCB, Apple Pay, Google Play, Samsung pay

Payment in cash

Convenient for customers who prefer this payment method

Bonus cards

Accepts physical bonus and fuel cards for payment

Current information

It can display advertising messages and inform customers about promotions and new products

Legal transparency

Integration with all systems and compliance with legislation

from $26 990
Development cost

from 2 month
Time of creation

Management system

Tracking the quantity and status of all orders in real time

Managing points of sale and monitoring their activity

Remote setting of tariffs for services, payment methods and other key criteria

Monitoring of performers and effective management of employees' time

Flexible report formats and the ability to quickly access the necessary data

Automated document processing

Content management: creation of advertising and informational posts, banners, popups and stories

Creating and sending email, SMS and push notifications

from $26 990
Development cost

from 3 month
Time of creation

We use
the best and reliable

More than 10 years of development have allowed us to create a super platform written on modern technology stacks





React/ React Native






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