Self-service terminals for all types of car washes

Increasing speed and quality of service

The terminal will reduce queues, reduce waiting time and increase the throughput of your car wash

Open 24/7

Does not require vacations or sick leave, does not require salary, does not require shift logistics

Informing clients

The terminal can display information about current promotions, new services, advertising campaigns and other marketing activities

Payment methods
at self-service terminals


Partial or full payment of orders in cash

Bank cards

Payment for orders using magnetic and chip cards

Bonus cards

Accepts contactless bonus and fuel cards


Read codes from coupons or mobile phone

QR code scanner
Contactless payment
Advertising messages
Bonus card scanner
Cash payment
Способы оплаты

Technical characteristics

Технические характеристики
Operating temperature range от -40 до +40 °С
Relative humidity 20-95 %
Supply voltage ~220В ±10%
Power less than 1000 W
Touch screen 15
Dimensions 1760*550*470
Compartment for disposal of receipts
Operating system Linux, Windows
Audio announcement of operations Option
Built-in camera Option
NFC reader Option
Code scanner Option
Bill acceptor for 2000 bills Option
Receipt printer Option
Interactive UPS 1000 W
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for self-service terminal

We have developed a flexible program that allows you to individually configure self-service terminals. We will also help you implement additional solutions for your business.


  • Convenient interface for ordering and paying for services
  • Branding in customer colors
  • Setting up all payment methods: cash, bank cards, coupons, bonus and fuel cards
  • Setting up promotional offers
  • Integration with mobile application
  • Possibility of remote access and configuration of the terminal

And other opportunities for automation and remote control of self-service terminals!

Программное обеспечение

Mobile and Web application for car wash payment

Minimize downtime and increase profits. Backup and facilitate the operation of your terminal using a mobile or web application.

If the terminal stops working for some reason, the client will be able to use the service and pay for the service using a mobile phone

Мобильное и Веб-приложение для оплаты топлива
Car wash map

All network washes on a map, with the ability to filter by wash type, cost and services

Loyalty program

Registration of physical bonus cards and the ability to issue a virtual card directly in the application

Contactless payment

Pay for your order using linked cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay

Communication with clients

News and posts in stories and pop-up formats, push notifications in the application will allow you to always be in touch with customers

Cloud system
for car wash management

We have developed a software platform that allows you to automate all business processes in the field of car refueling. We provide comprehensive automation and support, provide a full set of tools for work, user-friendly interfaces and flexible configuration of all products to suit the specifics of your business.

  • Monitor the condition of the equipment

    Amortize the cost of equipment operation, as well as control the timing of maintenance and replacement of components and system resources

  • Analyze the received data

    Flexible report formats and the ability to quickly remotely access the necessary data

  • Build a flow of clients

    Consolidate the flow of clients from all sales channels, interact with clients using the content management module, mailings, bonus system and online sales system

  • Monitor the work of employees

    Control employee time and resources on orders, tasks and projects, distribute rights and roles of your employees and external performers

  • Connect integrations

    Integrate with third-party bonus and payment systems, integrate third-party methods of authorization and data retrieval

Flexible setup

We will customize the system depending on the needs of your business

Quick access to the system

Work in real time


Intuitive interface and adaptability for any device

Terminal designer

Our terminals are customizable, you can assemble your own version and not overpay for functions that you don’t need needed. The basic configuration includes 1 2 3, other functions are optional. Calculate the cost of the terminal directly now:

Select the appropriate option:

Terminal type:

Functions and equipment:

Additional options:

 Конструктор терминалов
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    Answers to questions

    Where to begin?

    Contact us, we will discuss your project and calculate it

    How long will installation and configuration take?

    All planned terms and conditions depend on your request, are discussed individually and are specified in the contract; if you choose a ready-made configuration, then the term is lower; if you want to deviate from the specified parameters, you will have to
    wait a little. You do the installation yourself or by separate installation teams.

    How much does a self-service terminal cost?

    The price depends on many parameters…

    How to configure and manage the terminal?

    The process for setting up and managing a self-service gas station may vary depending on the model. However, at a general level, the following steps can be distinguished:

    1. Placement and connection: The terminal should be placed in a convenient and safe place where customers can
      it’s easy to use. It must also be connected to the power grid and, if necessary, to the Internet.
    2. Software installation: The terminal must have the appropriate software installed,
      which ensures the functioning of the payment system, communication with banking systems, etc.
    3. Setting parameters: Operating parameters have been defined, such as a list of services, fuel prices, payment methods, etc.
    4. Testing: After setup, you need to do some testing to make sure everything is working correctly.
    5. Staff training: Employees should be instructed in the basics of working with the terminal, how to provide technical support and troubleshooting.
    6. Support and maintenance: The terminal should be regularly inspected and the software updated
    Мне нужна индивидуальная разработка

    If you need a customized development of a self-service refueling terminal, it is best to contact us. Before this, you should prepare a detailed technical specification, which will indicate all your requirements and wishes for functionality, design and other aspects.

    An alternative may be to purchase standard equipment from the manufacturer, but with the additional service of customizing and modifying the equipment to suit your individual needs.

    In any case, it is worth considering that custom development can be more time-consuming and expensive compared to purchasing standard equipment. However, it allows you to obtain a product that will exactly meet
    to all your needs and requirements.

    У меня есть терминал, но слабый софт
    All planned terms and conditions depend on your request, are discussed individually and are specified in the contract

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